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I Love it!

I love it! is a user-driven content sharing WordPress theme suitable for different format types: images, videos, audio files, attachments or a combination of all content types.

You can enable the unique “Love” feature to let users like your posts. When certain posts reach the limit of predefined number of likes they will become featured.

Tooltip helpers

Ever wondered how to tell your users of a specific feature or important message on your site? You can now achieve this with theme's built-in tooltip manager.
You can use it on every single page on your site being able to add an infinite number of such hints.

Built-in lightbox login and registration

Let your users login or register without leaving the page. The built-in eye-candy AJAX form will pop-up when trying to enter site's prohibited areas, such as "Add a new post" or "View NSFW posts".
Make sure to insert the Facebook application ID and its secret key to let users connect with their Facebook accounts.

Users profile page

Every registered user can edit his profile from his personal account page which now offers avatar upload, password change and other personal data edit.

Keyboard hot-keys navigation

Use keyboard’s J, K, L, C, V and R keys for different actions on your site: scroll to next post, scroll to previous post, love a post, comment post, view post or display a random post.
These keys combination are now working on post page as well.

Switch between grid or list view

You have two options to display your content: as grid or list. Backend settings will let you define the default style, while users will be able to switch between the grid and list view type.
Modified view type will be saved into users' browser cookies.

Let your users Love your posts

Enable the "Love" feature to let users raise in rating your posts. When a certain post reaches the limit of 50 likes it will become featured.
The like limit can be changed from backend while the number of likes for all posts can be randomly generated.

Front-end post submission

Let your registered users upload posts directly from front-end. The front-end submission permits users to choose their post format: image, video, audio, text and attachment.
Each and every single format can be enabled or disabled.

Standard features

Custom short-codes

Choose from a wide-range of short-codes that will ease your work and make article formating easy as a snap!

Custom Page Templates

All our themes come packaged with a full width page template without sidebars.

Nested comments support

Threaded comments 10 levels deep are enabled by default. Break comments into pages with 50 comments per page.

Custom menu management

Just create your menu, select the pages or categories or custom links into the menu, rearrange the items in any order you wish.

CrossBrowser Compatible

We've tested our themes to ensure they are compatible with all modern browsers: IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

CosmoThemes Backend Panel

Making simple changes without editing code couldn't be easier with our Wordpress backend theme option's panel.

$12.98/month + one time $129.98 sign-up fee

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