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General Questions

Do you have any plans to add the option of activating left and right sidebar?

Is it possible to get a refund? I just purchased the \'I love it\' theme and although I really do love it, I am not educated enough on how to use it. I thought I could simply use it with my free WordPress blog but I just read I need to host it myself... Something I have no idea how to do. Please help?

How i can translate my theme?

What is WordPress?

What is a WordPress Theme?

What are the differences between a Free and a Premium Theme?

Pre Purchase Questions

Do the themes have WPML compatibility? Which ones?

Can I modify the theme to my liking?

Do you offer after-sales support and free updates?

Can I use your themes with my free hosted account?

Theme Package Questions

In Pressboard is there a way to put my logo in place of where the pressboard logo is?

How much is upgrading a theme from a standard license to a developers license?

Can I customize the typefaces in the Bloglity theme within the stylesheet to customize. I would also like to customize the backcolors to something other than the skins. Is this possible?

What is SEO Optimization and why do I need it?

Do you provide phone or email support?

How often are the themes updated?

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